Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions For 2013

Happy New year to all my readers, hope that all of you had enjoyed yourself during the holidays.

Last year I have finally reached a major milestone which is having zero debt and have also achieve $23345 extra income.

For this year, I only have one goal which is to achieve a passive income of $2000 per month by Dec 13. I will be actively looking for other source of passive income so as to achieve financial freedom.

Last but not least, thank for those who have been following my blogs. And also always stay motivated in achieving your financial goals.


salam samrat said...

Thanks for sharing your income growth and for reaching your milestone.I hope you will reach your next milestone $2000 per month.
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San Kay said...

I also set my milestone after read it! Thanks for this motivative information

WebEditor said...

I believe you will be able to achieved your 2013 passive income. Really motivated me to do the same.

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Kian Paul said...

markets go up and down all the time. unless one has that particular interest in monitoring the market, i think investment in undervalued stocks which pays decent dividends on a 5-10yr holding frame is a better idea.

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Shawn Ang said...

Hi you had been stop blogging since 2013 Jan. what happen?

Aaron Grey said...

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Hope you are fine there!

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