Monday, March 22, 2010

My Articles on planning for Financial Freedom

Stop saying you are poor if you want to achieve financial freedom.
It is your mentality that makes you poor.

Don't quit your full time job just to start your own business
Don't forget you got expenses to pay.

What is cash flow diagram?
A diagram that can improve your financial status.

My Cash Flow Framework
A improved version of cash flow diagram.

Keep learning and Increasing your Financial Knowledge
The only way to achieve financial freedom faster.

"SMART" way to set your goal towards financial freedom
Knowing the proper way set your goals will make you acheive your goals easiler.

80-20 Rule for allocating time in building up passive incomes
You just need to spend 20% of your time on something more meaningful to you.

Forget about achieving financial freedom if you do not have preservance
It is not an easy task, but I will never give up.

Never put all your time in one income stream
You are exposing yourself in high risk by doing so.

Failures are just learning experiences
Don't be afraid to fail if you want to be successful.

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