Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time and Money

Time and money are two important things in life. We can categorize people based on the amount of time and money they have into four groups.

Group 1: No time, and no money.
Many low income employees are belonging to this group. People in this group will trade their time for money, as the result they have less time for themselves. They normally need to work for money in order to fulfil their basic needs and not be able to save a lot due to their low pay.

Group 2: No time but has a lot of money.
Self-employed, professionals (high income employees), small business owners are in this group. They are slightly better off than the people belonging to low income employees because they earn more. But one thing to note, they still trade their time for money and have little time for themselves.

Group 3: Got time but has no money.
People who are doing odd jobs or jobless are belonging to this group. As this group of people do not have a stable source of income, they will need to depend some sorts of financial aids from their relatives, friends or government in order to survive. They may have a lot of time, but are consistently worried about their survival all the times.

Group 4: Got time, and has a lot of money.
Big business owners, landlords, investors are in this group. People under this group are not working hard for money, but having money to work hard for them. They use money to make more money for them. They are at the best position to enjoy everything in life as they have both time and money.

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