Saturday, April 10, 2010

My happiness List

In my previous post titled "Money, Values and Happiness", I mentioned that only people who work for their goals that are consistent with their values and focus their money on the things that are most meaningful to them will find true happiness. Hence I have come out with my own initial “Happiness List” to focus on the things that I would like to do for my family and myself in the next two years.

My happiness List for My Family:
1) Go to Universal Studio Singapore (Done)
2) Go to Hong Kong Disney Land
3) Go to Australia

My Happiness List for Myself:
1) Go for Epi-Lasik Treatment.
2) Learn to play piano.
3) Buy a Full HD 50 inch plasma TV for less than $800
4) Buy a Netbook which supports full HD for less than $400.


Falcon said...

Your wish to buy a 50 inch Full HD plasma can be realised now as I have seen some priced at 799. Will look out for you the brand and place when I next see it.

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Falcon,

Thank a lot :)

Freedom Achiever

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