Sunday, January 3, 2010

About this blog

I am writing this blog to:
1) Journal my way to financial freedom for my family and me in Singapore.
2) Share my financial knowledge and wealth management in an easy to understand way.
3) To plan for retirement.
I am using a picture of flying dove to symboize lifelong freedom.

Motivation in writing articles in this blog
I have been talking with people around me and I have discovered three things that normal people want:
1) To get out of poverty
2) To get out of the rat race
3) To get wealthy

I also discovered three problems that normal people face:
1) Not earning enough
2) Zero or little financial knowledge
3) No control over spending

Currently many people including young professionals are buying lottery like 4D or Toto. They wish that they can strike lottery so as to solve their financial problem. However this is not a good way to solve the problem as only a few people are that lucky to strike the amount that they no longer need to work any more.

My purpose for this blog
My purpose is to write articles on how to solve financial problems that people are facing, and how to gather wealth slowly in order to gain financial freedom. Remember, it is never too young or too old to learn all these practical knowledge which are not commonly taught in school.


Unknown said...

A good way to ensure a steady flow of money when retirement comes around is a fixed annuity. This will allow you manage your spending by receiving a fixed amount of money each month. Even though this may seem like locking yourself away from your own money it's good for budgeting and you still have the option of cash out annuity. This will allow you to sell your annuity for a lump sum right when y need it. Hope I helped, -Eric

Kate Dunkin said...

I definitely agree with Eric, I have had a few friends tell me about getting a fixed annuity and how you also have the option of cash out annuity so if you don't want to stay locked in to the deal you can sell it and receive a lump sum of cash. Me personally I'm not positive which one I would choose but I'm probably leaning towards getting cash now because it would end up helping pay some immediate bills off. Thank you for sharing this article with us! said...

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On a personal note I've really learnt a lot from your blog, and look forward to many more useful posts in the future. Thanks for sharing so much useful information as you do.

with best regards,

Mark Carter

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