Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I wanted to achieve Financial Freedom?

I believe people have different reasons why they wanted to achieve financial freedom. I will state my three main reasons in this post so as to motivate myself to work harder towards it.

Reason 1: Tired of letting people to control my financial status.
I believe most of us are working full time. Your financial status is normally link to your pay. The increment of your pay is always not decided by you, but from someone above you. You may be very unsatisfied with the pay raise each year, but to survive you still have to continue working. Worst of all, you may be ask to leave once the company does not need you anymore. I want be financially free so that I can get out of the "Rat Race".

Reason 2: Tired of being look as an average people.
From school to working life, people always look at me as an average people. Even I have put in a lot of effort, people will just tell me that what I have done is just average. I believe in 80-20 rule, as I am someone who put in 80% of the effort to get only 20% of the reward. I want to be financially free so as no one can leverage on me for their gain.

Reason 3: I want to do more in my life besides just working for the sake of paying for my expenses.
To do that I have to be financially free, so that I can retire early to have more time to do something I like with my family.


Createwealth8888 said...

You are not alone in this journey!

Eric See said...

just do it

Freedom Achiever said...

We can do it, no doubt about it!!!

Franklin said...

well, slowly but steady. you will make it one day

PanzerGrenadier said...

Hi 3 cents

The journey towards financial freedom is an exciting one but the value of it lies more in the process of learning about oneself and how to apply one's skills and abilities into generating income than the final out come itself.

I started my own fivecentstencents blog to chronicle my own journeys and the ironic thing is that happiness and financial freedom is not always strongly correlated. There were times when I was getting good money from dividends and capital gains but my personal life was in a messy state.

I've come to realise it's fine to aim to be financially free but we need to consider enjoying ourselves during the journey itself. Live a little. Experience life a little.

Enjoy time with family and friends.

Living within one's means, saving and investing, growing and protecting our means helps us to achieve financial freedom but more importantly, gives us peace of mind to pursue life to the fullest.

Be well and prosper.

Freedom Achiever said...

HI PanzerGrenadier,

I understand what you meant, that is why I have set myself a time table so that I will not use family time for building up my passive incomes. You may want to see my time table @

Freedom Achiever

Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?