Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Setting up a home based business

My wife had been telling me that she wanted to start a part time home based business since three years ago. At that time I do not have any knowledge on business and no concept of achieving financial freedom, so I did not consider her idea. I was just like the character Jack in the "Jack and Jill" Story. But now, I think it is time for me to look into seriously on how to do it.

The reason why we want to start our own part time business is because we will be"getting paid" by many people. The more customers you have, the more pay you get. However if you are working as an employee in a company, you will only get paid by your boss or company even you are serving many people.

With the advance of internet, it is getting easier and inexpensive for people to start a home based business. There are three types of business that we can do using the internet. We can either sell information, services, or hard goods. I believe that for each type of businesses, we are going to face many difficulties when working on it. But one thing to keep in mind when starting a home based business is that we must love the thing we do, so that we have the movitation to continue to do it.


Brian Meehan said...

Interesting blog.

With the rapid increase in the cost of living and housing in Singapore over recent years it's important to have an additional income. My sideline is Kyani.

I hope you are having some success with your efforts towards financial freedom and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Mark Anthony said...

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Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?