Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop saying you are poor if you want to achieve financial freedom.

In the past I always using "poor sentences" such as:
1)I have no money.
2)I don’t think I have the money for it.
3)It is impossible for me to achieve it.
4)It never works on me.
5)People are just lucky to be rich.

One day, my wife was very angry and scolded me because I always say I have no money. She commented that I have been saving a lot more as compared to my other peers, so there is no reason why I have no money. After her scolding, I realised that I have a poor people mentality which will not make me wealthy. These "poor sentences" are commonly used by many poor or middle class people too. That is why many of these people including myself are not getting wealthier. Saying "poor words" too often will just stop one from thinking further on how to improve his or her financial status.

Ever since that day, I have stopped using these “poor sentences”. Instead I will say "rich sentences" like:
1)I am getting wealthier every day.
2)I am able to afford it.
3)I will find out how to achieve it.
4)It can work on other; it can also work on me.
5)People plan and build their wealth.

When I started to use “rich sentences”, my mind is opened up with new opportunities which enable me to build up my passive incomes slowly. Things that are impossible for me in the past are now mostly achievable. Hence I finally believe that having a rich mentality will definitely help to make one wealthier.


Eric See said...

We are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath; We are history makers.

little_imps said...

Can i say think positive == rich sentences?


Freedom Achiever said...

Hi little_imps,

Think positively may not mean you have a rich mentality. You may think positively that now you have earn enough for your living but have totally no plan to improve your financial status.

Freedom Achiever

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