Saturday, January 9, 2010

Journey towards Financial Freedom should be enjoyable

Journey towards financial freedom should be as enjoyable as possible. It is definitely not about saving every cents of money that you have or not spending any money for your enjoyment. It is also not about sacrificing your sleeping time or family life. If you feel stress up during the journey, I believe very soon you will be wear out and give up eventually.

Proper time management is very important especially when you have your own family and kids. It is important to communicate with your spouse about your plan. If your spouse is agreeable, he or she will definitely give you some time every week to execute your plan. And also do not focus too much on building your passive incomes during your office hour. It is because by doing so will definitely affect your job. In my post "80-20 Rule for allocating time in building up passive incomes", I have come out with my own time table to help me to manage time effectively.

You must also like your ways of building up your passive incomes. As it is going to be a routine or part of your life, doing something that you like will give you the motivation and energy to keep going. In this way, you can enjoy and be stress free on the journey towards financial freedom.

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