Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keep learning and Increasing your Financial Knowledge

Do you wonder why people get wealthier and you are getting poorer. If you think it is luck, then you are prepared to be poor forever. However if you spend some time and find out how they get rich, you will know that it is more than pure luck.

Keep learning and expanding your financial knowledge is an important part in achieving financial freedom. It will help you in finding new ideas to build other sources of passive incomes.

For example in the past, I have completely zero knowledge of investing. But after two years of self studying and experimenting different tactics, I have created my own winning strategies and rules of investing. I have also learn to control my emotion better when my stock price goes up or goes down. Click the link here for my investment blog if you are interested in investing.

I have also studied many other things which allow me to create other streams of passive incomes. Currently I am studying how to setup online site for the purpose of selling things or providing services. I will be spending some time each day for me to read up and to build up this business. I believe it will take me at least 2 to 3 years to see any results. Whether it is successful or not is another thing, but at least I would not regret by not doing it.

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Infinity™ said...

Hi Freedom Achiever,

I totally agree with you. Just like students put in effort to study for exams, which they may or may not get their desired results. Or employees put in good effort at work, which may or may not render a faster progress in their career

i have seen the "light" in that respect.

Main thing is to have No Regrets (for not attempting in the first place), and to be Prepared in life.


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