Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Outing at Universal Studio Singapore (6 Apr 10)

I am so happy to bring my family to Universal Studio Singapore for family outing. Being a bit kiasu, we reached the place at 8.30am and rushed to the ticket booth to purchase the tickets. As my toddler is only 3 year old, there is no admission charge for her. The ticket for adult is $66. So in total I paid $264 for four adult tickets. For each ticket bought today, a $10 food voucher and a $5 gift voucher were given.

Here are the places that we had went and some photos that are taken today. You may want to use it as a guide to plan your route if you are going to Universal Studio Singapore.
Time - Place
0830 - Ticket Booth

0900 - Entry to Universal Studio Singapore

0910 - King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

0930 - Enchanted Airways
1000 - Donkey LIVE

1030 - Shrek 4-D Adventure
1100 - Taking Lunch at Friar's
1200 - Water World

1230 - Dino-Soarin’

1300 - Revenge of the Mummy

1330 - Accelerator
1400 - Lights! Camera! Action!
1430 - Rest at Discovery Food court

1500 - Pantages Hollywood Theater - Monster Rock

1530 - Shopping
1600 - Central Park Zooapalooza Tour - Madagascar

1620 – Kowabunga Kove – Holly wood
1700 - Exit from Universal Studio Singapore

Overall, it is quite a fulfilling day for my family and me. And it is definitely worth the money!!!

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