Sunday, April 25, 2010

Retirement Planning: Learn to be healthy and stay physically active

It will be too late if you wait till your retirement age to learn to be healthy. The reason is very simple; you can never be much healthier in your retirement age than at your current age. Hence improving and maintaining your current health status should be set inside your retirement planning. Failure to do so may result in poor health in the later part of your life. Even if you retire rich, without a good health you wouldn’t be any much happier as compare to someone who retire poor but with a good health. You are not able to do much thing and can be a burden to your family if you don’t have good health.

You do not need to be a health guru to learn about how to be healthy. You should already know some basic health tips by now. For example, have a balanced diet for every meal and do exercise regularly are some key ways to improve your health. If you can do things that keep you healthy from now onwards, you are less likely to result in poor health when you reach your retirement age.

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