Thursday, April 22, 2010

Retirement planning is not just about gathering enough money for the rest of your life

If you think that a retirement plan is just making sure that you have gathered enough money for the rest of the life, then you may be very wrong. Just imagine that you have enough money for retirement now, what you will do next? You may want to go for a trip, playing a sport or doing something that you will never think of doing before. But what if you have done everything you wanted? More likely you will get bored and will not know what to do next. This is the common problem with many retirees who are clueless on how to spend their time. Many of them may just end up in front of the television or sitting at crowd places to watch people walking around. Some fortunate one will be able to find a part time job in order to pass some time.

In order to have a fulfilling life when you retire, you must start to do other thing other than just gathering money. The following are the things that you must also include in your retirement plan:
1)Learn to be healthy and stay physically active.
2)Find and develop your interest.
3)Build up family relationships and bonding.
4)Increase your social circle.

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