Monday, December 28, 2009

Forget about achieving Financial Freedom if you do not have perseverance or refuse to learn

Perseverance means commitment, hard work, patience and endurance. That is the most important ingredient that you need in order to achieve financial freedom or in fact any thing in life. Those who give up easily can never have any achievement in their life.
Do you still remember how you learn to ride a bicycle? You will definitely get a fall in the first try. How about second and third try? You are most likely to fall again. Even if you try 10 to 20 times, you might just fall. But after each fall, you learn something important, and that is balancing. The most tries you make, the more you understand how to balance a bicycle. And suddenly at one moment you manage to ride the bicycle for a few seconds but still fall in the end. That is the moment that you feel some success. With more practice, very soon, you will be able to ride a bicycle for one, five and even ten minutes without falling. That is the point that you are feeling more confident. And eventually, you have learn how to ride a bicycle.

I can say that a lot of people simply refuse to learn something that is "uncommon" to them even thought these skills can help them greatly in their lives. Most people like to stick to the common thinking of the majority. They have all forgotten how to learn and be successful in their learning. Most of them may just give up after one or two tries, even though there is a chance to get some success in the third try. If you are those people who give up easily, you can stop visiting my blog as you can never achieve financial freedom.

Currently I am building up my passive income 4, and I will be giving myself one to two years to set up it. I have the perseverance in doing it and now I am able to "balance the bicycle for a few second" already. It is just a matter of time to achieve full success in it.

You may want to read the Jack and Jill story, to understand my point.


bluexpresso said...

Hi Freedom Achiever, what do you mean by your passive incomes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5?

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi bluex,

Passive incomes are incomes that people received without doing anything at all. Example collecting rental, dividends from stock, interest from bank and so on.

Currently I have 3 sources of passive incomes. So I named them as passive incomes 1, 2, 3.

I am trying to build up my passive income 4 at the moment.

Freedom Achiever

Roy said...


Which are the 3 streams and the 4th?

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Roy,

You may read articles under the section "Ways to Create Your Passive Income in Singapore" on the center left side of my blog.

Freedom Achiever

Lauryn said...

I have been longing to enjoy such financial freedom people are dreaming of. Right now, I still don't know what to do, but am so thankful you have given me enough reason and virtue to keep going with my goal. Right now, I will be making binary trading to get me extra money and will still keep my job so I can have double source of funds. So later on, I will be achieving the kind of financial freedom I deserve.

Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?