Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have achieved one-half of my targeted passive income!!!

I have successfully setup my another source of passive income which make my total passive income to be about $1530. Thanks for my wife for putting in a lot of effort in helping me to setup this passive income. Without her, I will be wasting more time in doing it. By adding this new passive income, I have achieved more than 50% of my targeted amount of $3000.

For passive income 3 it is basically dividends from my stock investment and interests earn from CPF OA account. Currently I am waiting for opportunities to add in new investment positions. I hope to increase it to $500 in two months time, but that will depend whether there is any correction in the market. Reinvestment using dividends earn will help me to increase this passive income in an exponential way.

Right now, I will be concentrating on working for my passive income 4, which currently amount to be $30 only. This passive income is not very stable now but I am targeting to increase it to $50 in two months time, hopefully I am successful. Do wish me luck if you see this post. :)

Although I will be spending more time on passive income 4, I will continue to research on what can be my next passive income 5. I believe that by continuing to find new passive income sources can help me to become wealthier. This is in line with my Cash flow framework.


Createwealth8888 said...

Your pasive income is monthly or yearly target?

Freedom Achiever said...


My passive income is monthly target.

Freedom Achiever

dream said...

:0're damn rich man.

Freedom Achiever said...


I am not rich, but getting weathlier only. :)

Freedom Achiever

Unknown said...

Just curious on what do u do for ur 4 passive income stream.

stormlocke said...

I'm very curious too... how do you setup passive income from dividend to be so high? In such bad times, dividends or interests are quite low leh... u must have hundreds of lots of bluechip stock to do that? Appreciate if you could share your methods pls.

Pukimon said...

Hi, i cannot help but want to ask this. When you say passive income like rentals,dividends etc..

OK are your rentals items that have already been fully paid? If not how can we call them passive income?

Dividends, I also have dividends from shares like yours. Infact I have the same shares that you have. But i bought them at a higher price. Since i have already lost some of the base value of the share. But still get the same dividend as you. Can I consider that passive income?

Thomas Tan said...


i like your ideas.

Can share what are your strategies?


DeepOne said...

I think I can guess for some;

Passive income 1: He rents out 1 room.

Passive income 2: Do you notice the amount of blogs he has? He earns through advertising on these blogs. Although it is a small amount, it gradually adds up.

Passive income 3: Investments, through reading up, saving and investing regularly, he can get quite some money per year.

Possible passive income 4: He may be doing network marketing or internet affiliate marketing. I am not sure. Internet affiliate marketing may be likely.

Possible passive income 5: He may have written a book or selling e-book, you never know = ) Or he may have an online shop somewhere

Write a book about your experiences, FA, it would make some money too.

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi DeepOne,

Some of your guesses are right. One thing to note, I don't believe in MLM.

Freedom Achiever

TheBoyer0103 said...

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