Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to invest regularly if you do not have a lot of saving?

A lot of people may say that investment will need a lot of capital and it is almost impossible for them to invest regularly. This is quite true, just imagine you want to invest in Singpost regularly, you will need to save about $1000 just to buy one lot. For some people, it may take 3 to 6 months to save $1000, so it is impossible for them to invest in Singpost once per month.

However, there are plans from some investment companies which allow investor to fix the amount of money they want to invest per month. One of plans that I have found is the Phillip Share Builders Plan (SBP). For those who has a POEMS account might already know about this plan. But for those who don't know, I will just give a short description.

From what I have read from the Philip website, the minimum amount that an investor needs to put in is $100 per month per counter. Investor can select which counter to invest in from the list of counter stated by the company. For dividend, it can be reinvested or you can choose to receive the dividend. You may want to find out more detail by checking out the plan at the PhilipCaptial website.

Another plan that I found is Regular Savings Plan (RSP) from fundsupermart. However please note that this plan invest in funds(or unit trust) instead of individual share or stock.

You may want to google "Monthly Investment Plan" to find out other plans that are not stated in my posts.


Charlez said...

ah this is interesting! thanx for the link!

Musicwhiz said...

Actually I believe it's not hard to save every month. It just requires some discipline and sacrifices; and also knowing how to separate "needs" from "wants". Too many people I know indulge deeply into "wants", yet complain they have no savings. This sounds pretty ironic to me!


Eric See said...

Very true. no money can't really do anything.

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