Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Financial Achievement in 2009 and New Year's Resolutions For 2010

My Passive Income Achievement for 2009:
CPF(OA): $147.14
Cash: $1500
Total: $1647.14
Target: $3000
Achievement: 54.9%

I give myself a "B+" grade for my passive income achievement for 2009. My passive income has grown from $600 in Sep 09 to $1647.14 in Dec 09.

New Year's Resolutions For 2010:
For the new year, I am hoping to achieve a passive income of $2000 at Jun 10 and $2400 at Dec 10. I will be actively looking for other source of passive income so as to achieve financial freedom.

Last but not least, thank for those who have been following my blogs. I will try my best to write more articles based on my experience in achieiving financial freedom next year.

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ZhuKoLiang said...

oh ya, when u reach A+ would u mind can email me n give me a treat? =P

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