Sunday, December 13, 2009

My stock gains/losses from Oct 09 to 11 Dec 09

I have updated my gains and losses in my investment from Oct 09 to 11 Dec 09. I have added 5 lots of Singpost in 11 Dec 09 in my investment portfolio as my investment capital has increase which allows me to add in new position. As in my previous post, I will continue to hold my current holdings until some of the stocks reaches my expected values. I will put in new positions when I see new opportunites.


Back2Nature said...

May I suggest that you put up a column on estimated yield, both for capital gain and dividends. This should be helpful for you to consider when to sell. Also, other than holding and held stocks, how about including a table on potential stocks to buy. Then, the yield columns may also help to consider when to buy.

Freedom Achiever said...


Thank for the suggestion. I will see how to do it. Currently my blog is a bit messy, will try to tidy up a bit first.

Freedom Achiever

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