Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I am not afraid of losing money in my investment?

Here are the reasons why I am not afraid of losing money in my investments.

Reason 1:
I am using my own extra money that I can lose.
In my post titled "Do you have a peace of mind after buying shares?", I have mentioned that I am using the money that I can lose, and losing this money will not affect my life at all. I did not borrow any money, or using any leverage instrument to increase the risk of investment.

Reason 2:
I am buying fundamental good stocks.
In my post titled "My Stock/ETF choices", I have mentioned that I only buy fundamental good local stocks that are very safe in my opinion. I only buy stock that I can understand and I will never speculate.

Reason 3:
I am buying under valued stocks which give good dividend.
In my post titled "Buying stocks based on price and value", I have mentioned that I am targeting stocks that produces good value or yield. With this in mind, I am not afraid to hold these stocks for long term as they are constantly giving me good dividends. In the same post, I have stated my formula to calculate the value of the stock.

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ZhuKoLiang said...

i seriously like your blog, because

1) it is SIMPLE to understand, as i have no financial knowledge.

Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?