Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Stock and ETF Choices

I will only be interested in buying the following for long term:
1) DBS
2) Singtel
4) Singpost
5) STI ETF (this is ETF which track STI index)
6) Cambridge

If you are a Singaporean, which company from (1) to (4) you are unsure of? Even you ask a primary school kids, he or she can roughly tell you how these companies make their money. I will only buy company that I know and understand what they are doing.

They may not be the best performance stock but I consider them as very safe stocks/ETFs in my opinion. I choose them is because they give regular dividend and they give me a peace of mind after buying them for long term.

The reason why I include STI ETF is because only 35% of the investable OA CPF money can be use to invest in stock. I will use the rest of the investable OA CPF money to buy STI ETF. I don't buy Unit Trust as they seldom or never give out dividends, and also their management fee and sale charge are quite high in my opinion. STI ETF in the past has been giving good dividend in my opinion.

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