Friday, November 13, 2009

SingPost is a wonderful company to invest in

To me, SingPost is a wonderful company to invest in. It is a defensive stock with good fundamentals and have been giving good dividends in these few years.

The below dividend diagram is what I get from the Singpost Website. You can see that from FY02/03 to FY08/09, the dividend has been increased. Even during the market crash period, the dividend payout is not reduced. If the total dividend for FY09/10 is 6.25 cents, then is yield is about 6.5% (based on the bought in price of 0.95 cents).

I will accumulate more SingPost shares if it happens to drop to 0.9 cents. If not, I will not be buying any more.


Gabriel said...


Its me again. May i know your entry price for singpost?


Freedom Achiever said...


I bought @ $0.955. Waiting for $0.9 to buy some more.


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