Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sold 1 lot of DBS on 11 Nov 09

I have sold my only lot of DBS @ $13.98 today for a profit.

This year, DBS is giving 4 x $140 dividends per lot. If based on the current price (about $14) , it is about 4% yield. I feel that 4% yield is not very attractive to me even though it is a good stock with potential to go up. My profit is about 6.9% based on the price I bought. So instead of waiting for one year, I already get 6.9% gain immediately by selling today. I have freed this amount of money so that I can buy other value stocks.

If it happens that DBS shares drop to $12 per lot, I may consider buying again.
If it happens to remain at the current price or go up, I will not buy again unless the value goes up.

Please don't mistaken me as a trader. I am not a trader and I don't depend on chart any more. I am a simple investor who just go for value and price.

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