Monday, November 16, 2009

Bought 3 lots of Singtel on 16 Nov 09

I have bought 3 more lots of Singtel @ $2.95 today using CPF. This will be my last position for this year. Remember few days ago, I sold my only lot of DBS. The money from the sale of DBS shares is used to buy 5 lots of Singtel shares (last friday and today).

DBS is getting speculative. The yield is less than 4% based on the current price. That is why I quickly sold it away. I will consider buying it again if its yield is more than 4.5%. Singtel however is having a better yield. I estimated it as more than 4.5%. It is not as speculative as DBS, as you can see the price movement of DBS is very fast. Singtel price is slow and steady which is what I like as a defensive stock.

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