Friday, September 25, 2009

Just recontracted my broadband plan

I just recontracted my 3mbps unlimited broadband plan. The cost is roughly $24 a month as compared to $35 per month in my last contract. Wow $11 cost saving per month, ($132 per year or 1 day work). I had been thinking last few days whether I should upgrade my plan. I ask myself these questions:

Q1: What is my current utilization rate?
A1: I spend at most 4 hours per day. So in one month I use 4 X 30 = 120 hours. $24/120hours = $0.2 per hour. No different even I have higher bandwidth plan.

Q2: Do I really need higher bandwidth like 6Mbps or more?
A2: Normally I only watch YouTube videos and even in HD, there are no lags at all. So I really no need any bandwidth higher than 3Mbps.

Q3: Will my liability increase if I subscribe to higher bandwidth like 6Mbps or more?
A3: Of course, higher bandwidth will cost more. This is against my plan to reduce my liability.

All these questions pointed to a conclusion which is to stay in the same plan.

If you are thinking of having higher bandwidth to download video, think again. You are in fact paying more subscription to have these video downloaded.

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