Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is my destiny?

My life has been a straight forward one since I was small. At a very young age, I had been told to study hard by my parents and eventually I had managed to get a local degree. After my graduation, I managed to find a job. Then I got married after a few years and having a child currently. There are not much up and down in my life and sometimes I am wondering what my destiny in this world is.

Well, after thinking for some time, I begin to have more understanding about the word destiny. One destiny did not always mean doing something magnificent till the whole world knows it. It can be just doing simple thing that have positive impacts to other. Destiny is not fixed and can be changed as years go by. Well, I believe that being a good son, husband, father, worker and being able to share financial knowledge with others will be my destiny as for now.

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