Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy First Year Birthday To "Lifelong Freedom in Singapore" Blog

Happy Birthday to “Lifelong Freedom in Singapore” Blog.
It has been one year ever since I have created this blog. For those who have been following my blog, I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your support. Hopefully my posts are able to give you some ideas on wealth creation. My original purpose for creating this blog is unchanged which is to journey my way to financial freedom. I also have created many other blogs for different objectives which are related to this blog.

What have I learnt so far for the past one year?
The most important thing that I have learnt is this phrase “Assets create wealth and liabilities create debts”. For the past one year, I have been trying to gather as much assets as possible to increase my passive incomes. And it turns out to be leading a right direction towards financial freedom.

Another important thing that I have learnt is reinvestment. All the money gains from my passive incomes will be used to buy more assets. This will create an exponential growth for my passive incomes.

What have I achieved for the past one year?
I have tabulated my results in the table below. Somehow I am managed to gain $20100 in term of pure passive incomes this year. It may seem peanut to some of you, but to me this extra income is able to supplement most of my whole year of expenses. My total capital gains or losses has amounted to $15900. But since I am looking more on wealth creation, having capital gains or losses are not as important as having pure passive income.

What do I hope to achieve for the next year?
Well, I hope to increase the earning from my pure passive incomes by another $6000 per year or $500 per month. It may be quite tough, but I will try to achieve it. I also hope that all of you can continue to support my blog and I will be continue to post more articles on my journey towards financial freedom.


Lizardo said...

Congratulations! $20K of passive income is by no means trivial.

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Lizardo,


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