Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Take Anything For Granted

I got the inspiration to write this post in the incident where my toddler refused to finish her food. I told her that she is very fortunate to have enough food to fill her stomach. I continued to let her know that many children in third world countries are suffering from hunger and lack of shelter. To prove my statement, I showed her some videos (from on children in third world countries. After that I asked her whether she want to go over to these third world countries since she refused to finish her food. She looked a bit scare as she was about to cry. She replied me with a no, and continued eating her food.

In life, we should not take anything granted especially our basic needs. In my opinion, one should feel blessed with hygienic food, clean water and air, a proper shelter, a job that provides you with enough income, and someone who loves you. One should not complain of not having other material needs like high tech gadgets, branded clothes or going for an expensive tour. I have come across some teenagers blaming their parents for not providing enough for their material needs. This make me feel very sad as these teenagers do not know what are their basic needs and the hard work their parents are putting to earn the money.

In my opinion, proper mindset must be instilled to one mind since young as it will hard to change when one has grown up. So I have begun to teach my toddler not to take thing for granted so that she can appreciate her current life more and will not compare herself with other for material needs.

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How old is your toddler?. I have 2yrs and coming to 4months baby girl. Wondering when is the time to start teaching her these,...

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