Friday, April 22, 2011

Poor service from DBS

Company that provides good customer service will make you coming back to continue to its services. On the other hand if the company is providing bad customer service, it will simply cause frustration and will make you think of discontinuing its services. And you only know you are getting good or bad service when thing happen.

Recently I am receiving poor service from DBS. The incident goes like this. DBS sent me a letter which comes with an application form to apply for my entitled shares. By following the instructions given, I sent back the application form by post promptly (1 week before the closing date of the application). As my entitled shares have not been credited into my account, I called back to DBS to find out the reasons. They just simply reply that they did not receive the application form and they are not able to do anything for me since the application period was over.

My question now is why they never update me that they have not received my application before the closing date. I believe not many people are entitled to buy these shares due to its requirement. In my opinion it is very unfair to a customer who is following all the instructions given by the company and yet not able to get its service. As a customer, I did nothing wrong. But when problem surfaces, they are not able to solve my problem or to do any form of compensation. So do you think they value us as a customer?

After searching through the internet, I realized that there are many other complaints make to DBS. My advice to all is to be careful if you are engaging their services. Don’t be a next “victim” like me.

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