Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bought Xbox360 console with Kinect

I will start with some gaming history about myself. I have been a console gamer since I was in primary school. Atari was the very first console that I had played in one of my friend place and since then I am very interested in console games. The first console that I owned was NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was bought by my father. Other consoles that I owned were Sega Mega Drive, Playstation 1 and Playstation 2, and hand-held Nintendo DS lite.

I am seeing great improvement in term of graphics, music and videos from one generation to next generation console. However there are not many changes in the game play until Nintendo Wii was introduced. I quite like the idea of motion controllers in Nintendo Wii and I had enjoyed playing with it in one of my relative house. With the introduction of Xbox 360 Kinect, motion control is now more advance whereby the game play can be controlled by your own body movement. I am amazed with this technology and hence decided to buy one to try out.

Currently I have five Kinect games and I feel that they are fairly easy to play with easy instruction to follow. Even my toddler is able to enjoy playing them straight away without much problem. The only problem that I have so far is to consistently tell my toddler to move back in order for the Kinect sensor to track her movement.

One good thing about Xbox 360 is that you can download trial demo for certain new games for testing. This will prevent the gamers from wasting money to buy the game in case they do not like the game play.

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