Friday, December 17, 2010

A thought after watching Disney animated movie “Tangled”

Last weekend, I had brought my wife and daughter to catch Disney animated movie called “Tangled”. It is a great movie and my family enjoyed it very much. This movie is about a girl named Rapunzel who was kept in the tower by her “mother” for 18 years. Rapunzel greatest wish was to go out of the tower to watch the floating lanterns. She was “saved” by Flynn to get out of the tower who promised to bring her to see the floating lanterns. Along the way, she was feeling some sort of insecurities in her mind and was thinking of going back to the tower again. But eventually, she managed to overcome her fear and fulfill her wish.

In our life, we somehow have to move out of our comfort zones in order to achieve more. As for me, I have chosen to take a path to get out of my comfort zones in order to achieve financial freedom. I have overcome my investment anxiety and fear of losing money by equipping myself with financial knowledge. Whether I can fulfill my wish of gaining financial freedom is no longer important as I have really done my very best!

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