Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reviewing of my cash flow framework (Feb 11)

I have created and been using my cash flow framework for over a year already. It has been helping me to understand the inflow and outflow of my money. It also helps me for my journey towards financial freedom. The core areas in my cash flow framework are namely Income, Expenses, Saving, Buying Asset and Passive Income. I shall review these five core areas in this post.

I am not unable to find new stream of incomes to enhance my cash flow. The reason is because I am spending less time on this core area. Now may be a good time to think how to improve on this core area.

Total expenses have been increased since last year as my toddler has been sent to some enrichment classes. However I do not have any liability, and will continue to stay in the current status.

Buying Asset:
I have been buying shares since Sep 09. My total portfolio value is about $110,000 currently. I will continue to buy more shares whenever I have extra cash.

Passive Income:
I have been receiving passive income since Sep 09. This includes the dividends from my shares which amount to about $7800. I will continue to reinvest the dividends to buy more shares.

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