Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting more by having less

In my post, “Learning points from tidying my house”, I have mentioned that I have gotten rid of many unwanted stuff in my house. I give, sell or throw those things that have no more value to me rather than keeping them in my storeroom. Somehow I have a “lighter” feeling in my house after doing that.

So how do I meant by getting more from having less? Well by owning fewer things, I can focus more than those things that I have. For example, I used to have two laptops in my house, and I can only use one at time. After, selling one recently, I can now utilize more on the reminding laptop. I have quite happy being able to utilize most of my necessities now. Having extra things laying around don’t make me feel good.

In financial sense, it is not a good thing to own extra necessities. These things mostly will depreciate over the time and will become zero value eventually. In Buddhism, there is a saying that “form is emptiness, emptiness is form and I am starting to appreciate this saying.

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