Sunday, July 17, 2011

Learning points from tidying my house

Recently I had taken a few day of leave to tidy up my house. It has been an every three months routine for me, as I am the type of person who does not want my house to look very messy. This also serves an opportunity for me to consolidate and remove all the rubbish that has been around for three months. For this round, it had been very amazing that I have thrown 8 bags of rubbish into the dustbin.

During the tidy up, I realized that I have some unwanted items that have some monetary value. For example, old digital camera, wireless router etc. For these items, I hope try to sell them by creating some posts on those buy/sell forums. If I couldn’t sell away these items, I will just give them away for free.

Things that I have learnt when tidying up my house:

1)Don’t collect rubbish. I have learnt to quickly identify things that are going to become rubbish. Once I have classified them as rubbish, I will immediate throw them away.

2)Put all things in proper place. By doing so will allow me to find thing easily. Imagine that you cannot find the item that you have, you may end up wasting money to buy the item again.

3)Quickly sell away unwanted things as soon as possible. I felt some sort of regrets for not selling unwanted things earlier so as to fetch a higher price.

4)Don’t bring back home unnecessary things even though these things are free. A lot of things that I had thrown are things that are given to me for free. For example goodies bags that are given during carnivals. Personally I feel that these items are not free as I have wasted a lot of time to dispose them.


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

I find point 4 very interesting!

On second thought, I think it's true for me too! I have collected quite a few "free" stuffs that are just sitting there and collecting dust in my apartment!?

OK, this weekend must "invest" in some time to throw away clutter that I've accumulated. Need to move back to Singapore in 6 months.

Bring back memories; not clutter!

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Singapore Man Of Leisure,

Hope that I have motivated you to do some clean up. :)


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