Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sold unwanted stuff and bought a new netbook.

For the last one month, I had sold two old laptops, 1 old desktop and 1 hard disk for a total of $790. The sole reason of selling is simply because these items are no longer necessary. Furthermore, most of them do not have any more warranty. Since currently they still have some value, I feel that it is best to sell them now.

I also had hunted a new laptop (or netbook) that suits my need. Basically I wanted a laptop that is portable, with long lasting battery and be able to view HD contents. Well after doing some research, I finally landed up with two options. They are Asus 1215B and HP DM1z netbooks. Then I proceed to Challenger to try out both the netbooks. After testing out the two netbooks, I felt that HP DM1z will be a better one for me, as the keypad and touchpad feel better. I bargained with the salesman and paid $649 for it with free RAM upgrade. See below for my new netbook :).

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