Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spend more time with my kid

Raising a kid is never a simple task as parents are constantly exposed to three type of stress, namely physical stress, emotional stress and financial stress. Coping with these stresses is never simple especially if both the parents have a full time job.

I believe that the best person to discipline a kid is the parents. Hence I feel that it is important for at least one parent to be with the young kid most of the times. By doing so will allow parent to provide necessary guidance and assert “authority” immediately on any wrong doing by the kid.

As for my family, my wife and I have decided to switch to single-income so that my wife is able to spend more time with my kid. I also try to come back home immediately after work so as to teach and play with my kid. This precious time spends on our kid can never be replaced by any amount of money.

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Anonymous said...

You are great!
Your children can bring more happiness to you than anything else.

Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?