Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do I need a smart phone and a data plan?

It is quite commonly seen in buses and MRT trains that quite a number of people are carrying a smart phone. Other than just making calls or sending messages, most of them used it for listening to music, watching video, playing games and surfing web. So do I feel “pressure” to own it too?

Smart phone indeed has many functions with tons of application available. But the question is whether I have the time to use all these features and applications. It does not make any sense to me if I buy a smart phone just to use 5% to 10% of the functions. And also a mid range smart phone is not very cheap if I buy it without signing up for any mobile plans. Dropping it on the floor will definitely cause a pain in my heart.

Surfing internet is one thing that I might want (not need) to do when I am outside home or office. However that will require me to sign up for a data plan (free WIFI connection is not available everywhere). Based on my own scenario, a basic mobile plan which includes data usage will cost two times of what I paid for my current mobile plan. Again, it does not make any sense to me again just to pay more for the service that I seldom use.

In conclusion, I will not buy a smart phone at the moment unless the phone costs less than $100 (with or without signing basic mobile plan). I also will not sign up for any mobile plan with data usage as it is simply too expensive currently. Lastly to all my blog readers, don’t be “too pressure” to follow the trends, think logically and don’t waste money on things or services that you do not need.


Musicwhiz said...

Hi Freedom Achiever,

I am so glad to be with you on this one. I think the smartphone "hype" is going overboard - people even use it as a baby pacifier!

For me, I've renewed my 2-year contract and received a free Nokia phone without data plan and no internet connection. I am paying $25 a month before GST and am very happy with just calling and sending SMS.

Indeed you are right to say - no need to follow the crowd. Just do what you feel comfy.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Yes totally agree. i don't even want to buy a notebook since it is in the market. The time i spend on my home desktop is already a bit too much for me. Why bring a "portable computer" around. Besides,nothing can beat a 17" desktop's display, at least it's for me.
i also just renewed my 2-year contract and received a free Nokia phone.
Meanwhile the money not spend unnecessary is doing work for me somehow and somewhere.
Ha! Ha!

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

The most popular app for my Nokia normal handphone besides SMS is the calculator function (I can't count!) and the calender. Next comes the camera to take candid shots and radio to listen on my bed at night when I can't sleep.

I am happy already!

I am laggard

Eric See said...

u only spend 36-39 per month for the benefit of reading news, gps when loss & if u r in mkt can trade.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of us think we spend our $$$ in a worthy and wise way. In short Hokkien phase- "HUA HEE DU HO"
There is actually no one way.
i spend my money on restaurant's food once in a while. Maybe i should save some money on food and buy more gadgets. Maybe?

Joanna Daniels said...
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correia247 said...

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Joanna Daniels said...
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Joanna Daniels said...

What you wrote made a lot of sense. You pointed out a lot of interesting things as well. Having heaps of applications is good to show to your friends. But practicality-wise, you wouldn’t have enough time to switch between applications, let alone use them. And if you use one or more apps for prolonged periods of time, your battery will drain faster, limiting your phone usage.

Joanna Daniels

Richard C. Lambert said...

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