Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Full Year Financial Report for Year 2011

Year 2011 is almost over, and now it would be a good time to generate my full year financial report for 2011 (Jan 11 to Dec 11).

My Passive Incomes:

The above table shows the total for each of my passive incomes collected from Jan 11 to Dec 11. For my passive incomes, I have managed to collect a total of $25080 for the whole year, which is about $2090 per month. If include the realised gain of $8385 from selling some of my shares, the total extra incomes for this year will be $33465, which is about $2788 per month.

My Monthly Expenses:

The above table shows my total monthly expenses. There are no changes since the beginning of the year. I am still following my old rule to keep my expenses as low as possible by not spending money on the things that I will not need.

My debt:
As for my only outstanding debt from my housing loan, it has reduced from $33000 to $14000.

This year is quite a fruitful year for me though I did not able to achieve one of my New Year resolutions of having a passive income of $2400 by end of 2011. I give myself a "B+" grade for this year performance.

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