Sunday, February 12, 2012


Relaxation is important in our lives as we may get really tiring and stressful due to our job and family responsibilities. There are many ways to relax oneself like shopping, eating in restaurant, going for spa and travelling. These ways of relaxation may be costly at the long run.

As for me, relaxation is just being as close to the nature as possible. I like to go to places where I can see the cloud, the tree and the sea, able to feel the wind blowing and listen to the bird chirping. The best place for all these is the beach and very often I will bring my family to East Coast Park.

Well, do let me know if you have other form of low cost of relaxation.


Anonymous said...

A really relaxed person is really full of peaceful and powerful energy. And people coming into contact with you can feel your "aura" and relax too. But it is very difficult to achieve.

Best Mattress Reviews said...

u drive to east coast with your family? what activities?

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