Saturday, March 3, 2012

How much debt do I have? (Mar 12)

In Dec 11, I had recalculated my total debt which is totally from the mortgage loan of my flat to be $14K. The calculation is based on using the outstanding housing loan amount minus away my total family CPF OA amount.

Today I have recalculated my total debt again, and it has reduced by another $3k. In my post on "What I hope to achieve in 20 years?", I mentioned that I wanted to reduce my total debt to $0 within the next five years, Based on my conservative estimation, I think it is achievable before the end of this year.


SmartPassiveCashFlow said...

You are 4 years earlier in clearing your mortgage loan. Many people are still servicing their loans. Cheers for you!!

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi SmartPassiveCashFlow,

Thank for your cheers :).

Freedom Achiever

frank howard said...

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