Sunday, April 8, 2012

Learning about private property investment

As I have written in one of my old posts, keep learning and expanding your financial knowledge is an important part in achieving financial freedom. This year, I will start to learn more on private property investment as I might be investing in one if there is a great opportunity in the future.

Private property investment, in my opinion, is more complex than shares investment as it involves many things like location, housing loan interest rate, maintenance cost, stamp fee, property tax, rental yield, tenure and commission etc.

I will start off to learn searching the internet for more information and also try to find some books on private property investment. If you have any recommended websites or books, please let me know. Thank in advance.


HcoRealEstate said...
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ali portman said...

I should say that in any business, there are risk we should avoid. Know all this things. We should know that things we should and not. By that, we can be able to continue the things we are planning.

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chinitosky said...

Its better to get others idea and use it in your business. If you can't generate a good one then use their technique for your Real Estate Investments. And after you got a good new idea then change it and apply it in your business. It is an alternative way for the benefit of your business.

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