Sunday, May 20, 2012

Banned from Adsense

I had been using Adsense for the past two and a half year in my blogs until I received an email last week from Google. The email said that my Adsense account is deactivated. I was told that it is due to “invalid click activity” which I don’t agree as a valid reason to ban my account as I don’t click on ads in my blogs.

After appealing unsuccessfully, I’m no longer able to earn any money from this income source at this moment. I believe it is time to move on and not to get too emotional. I see this problem as an opportunity to me to try out other advertisers. Do let me know if you are using other advertisers that work equivalently well or better than Adsense. Thank.


The 20 Years Old Investor said...

you can try using this. it is a very simple link that you can put at the bottom of your page and enjoy cpm

Charles said...

Not sure if you had seen this post before, I felt it had some good insight on how to diversify :D


Freedom Achiever said...

Hi all,

Thank for links. Really appreciate that.

Freedom Achiever

Isnaini Faidah said...

try, they pay every net15 on date 1st and 15th with a $5 minimum payout

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