Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is the buy price of my current stocks after incorporating all realized gain/loss and dividends?

For those who have been visiting my share investment blog might know that so far I have gotten $17580.92 worth of dividend and $ 17785 worth of realized gain. So overall, my return is $35365.92 for the last two and a half year.

Currently I am holding stocks from four different companies and in total I have paid $128100. By taking away $35365.92 which comes from my overall return, I am only paying $92734.08 ($128100 – $35365.92) for my current holdings. This is around 72.4% ($92734.08*100/$128100) of $128100.

To see what the buy prices of my current stocks are after incorporating my overall gain, I use 72.4% to multiply by all my stock buy prices. The result is shown in the table below.
I personally feel that this method of calculating the buy price will result in clearer view whether I am making money in the stock market or not.


SmartPassiveCashFlow said...

An impressive gain on dividends and capital gain on your stocks. Give it 2 more rounds of dividends and gain, and you will have gotten your stocks for free. Cheers!!

Integrated Solutions said...

A recent Credit Suisse study shows, dividend paying equities have outperformed non-dividend paying equities over long time horizons and have generally achieved this outperformance with lower overall levels of volatility!

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