Sunday, February 7, 2010

Expand your social network

I happened to know an experience property agent recently and had a chit-chat session with him. Over the session, he had taught me a lot thing that I have never explored in my life. Some of thing includes, what types of properties to buy, which location to buy and when to buy it. He is one of those people who have upgrade from HDB flat to current freehold property systematically. Other than equipped with these property skills, he is also a very outspoken, firm, responsible and optimistic person even though he is already 50 plus year old.

Something it is great to know different type of people in your life because they might be the ones who will help you to be successful indirectly. They are able to give you different views or prospective and let you explore new opportunities. However if you are always staying within your own social network, you might not have a chance to learn anything new. It is because people around you are doing the same thing as you.

My advice is to try to know more people who are of different fields as you. Talk to them and in the conversation, try to find out whether are there any great opportunities that are waiting for you to explore.

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fishcrazy said...

The property agent you he retired or still in the business? Am interested in getting to know him.

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