Saturday, February 27, 2010

Use your talent to reward yourself over and over again

Basically most of us have the skills to help us make money or to entertain and delight other. But when was the last time you examined all your skills or talents that could be used to turn a profit for you?

Let's assume that you are a writer working in a company. You are paid monthly for doing the projects for the company. However once projects were completed, you will not see any extra money generated from your work. Instead the company will give you more projects. You are basically spending hours or days on something that you do not own at all. As mentioned before in one of my blog post, this is basically working for money. If you don't continue to work, you will not receive any money from the company. However, the company can still use your completed projects to generate more money.

If you are able to make use of your talent wisely, you could write a book for yourself or co-authored with the company. With that, you are able to receive a royalty free on each book you write or co-authored which pay you over and over again.

This is just an example on how talent can be used to reward oneself over and over again. So for now, sit down and write down what are the talents that you have. Identify those talents that can pay you over and over again. These talents are likely to be used to achieve your next passive income in order to gain financial freedom.

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