Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family Outing at Singapore Flyer (4 Jun 11)

I had brought my family to Singapore Flyer on 4 Jun 11. Everyone was excited as this was our first time there. In order to avoid any crowd, we took a cab in the morning and reached there at around 10am. One good time about being early is that we can our own cabin without sharing with any strangers. Here are some photos that I had taken on that day.

This picture was taken at the second floor. Too bad, it was a raining day, so most of my pictures were not very clear.

A top view of a cabin below us.

Picture of "Gardens by the Bay" taken in our cabin.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

Picture of floating platform.

A heart shaped drawn at a contruction side just below the Singapore Flyer. My toddler was the first who discovered it. We were wondering whether the constructor worker drew it on purpose?

A picture taken in Rainforest Discovery.

A venting machine to buy fish food for the fishes. We spent about $5 on it.

These are the three tortoises that we had fed. Remember to feed them if you see them there.

These fishes were swimming peacefully initially. But when we threw in the fish food, they will immediately charged towards it.

A human-size model of Syndey Opera House.

A human-size model of Eiffel Tower.

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