Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Investment portfolio has reached S$120k

For those who have been following my other blog "My Investment portfolio in Singapore" would know that I have been slowly building up my investment portfolio. For every one or two month since Sep 09, I have been buying shares regularly and till today I have build a portfolio of $120k. The dividend yield of my portfolio is about 6.67% per year, which is about $8000 per year or $667 per month.

I always like to buy shares of companies that have strong fundamentals and give good dividends. And also I have come out with my own version of "My Investment Rules" which help to prevent myself from making any investment mistakes. To me, buying shares is like buying a system that creates a source of passive income to me. Unlike trader or speculator, I am not so worry about making losses in stocks as long as the company is still giving good dividends. In fact, I like to see market to crash as it will provide me with the opportunity to buy good stocks at cheaper price.


Royston said...

Hey FA,

Thats a nice sum of dividends per year. :)

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Royston,

Thank :). Hope that you are achieving more than me.

Freedom Achiever

Dividends Warrior said...

Hi FA,

U are my inspiration. ^^

making-moneyonline said...

hi would you recommend i invest in singapore shares? please can we talk


Freedom Achiever said...

Hi making-moneyonline,

I always buy stocks on company with strong fundamental and gives good dividend like Singtel.

I will avoid speculative stocks at all times.

You can go to, for my investment ideas and portfolio.

Freedom Achiever

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