Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shorter distance means shorter time to travel?

Recently I had taken a cab home from work. In the cab, the driver asked me which way to go. I was given two routes; first is to travel through the small routes and second is to use the expressway.

The first route is a more direct that has a much shorter distance than second route which needs to go a big round before reaching my home. As I had used the second route before, I decided to go for the first route to see it is faster or not.

Though the distance is shortest, the cab was slowing at a slow speed due to the many cars around and the speed limits imposed on the small roads. Furthermore the cab had met with many red traffic lights and had to stop occasionally. In the end I had taken a longer time to reach home as compared to using the second route. The cab fares are almost the same for both the routes.

In conclusion, shorter distance does not necessary mean shorter time to travel. A direct path might take you more time to travel as compared to indirect path.

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