Thursday, October 22, 2009

China A-Share exchange-traded fund

I am very glad that UOB and SGX are launching the China A-Share exchange-traded fund. This ETF is a must to have in my opinion. The reason is there are a lot of potentials in the development of China and the expected growth rate is 8%. I expect in 10 to 15 year, this ETF will grow at least 3-5 times the value. Currently SSE is only about 3000 point, the previous peak is 6000. So it is still cheap to invest in China. I hope that this ETF will give good dividend which serve as a passive income.


Tang Jingwei said...

i'm looking at A-share investment in Yuan. Any idea how we can do that?

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi Tang Jingwei,

Currently there is no way to invest in China A share directly.


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