Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to choose a house? Part 2

After choosing the location, the next important thing is the layout of the house. All the rooms in the house must either be in rectangle or square shape. Don't fancy those rooms that have odd or weird shape because they can pose a problem when you are putting in the furniture. Long rectangle living room is not advisable as you will face the problem of positioning your sofa and television. Corridors in your house are area just mends for walking and you cannot put anything there. Otherwise you will block the walking path. Hence there should not be big corridor area in your house as it will take up space for nothing. I have posted some example based on common flat layout in Singapore.

The first layout above shown (in my opinion), the best layout you can have. You can see all the bedrooms are rectangle and the living room is square. The corridor area is very small, hence you are not wasting the space. You will find it very easy to put in all your furniture.

The second layout above shown (in my opinion), is considered average. You can see all the bedrooms are rectangular. But the living room is a very long rectangle shape. You will find it hard to put your TV, sofa and your Home theatre system in the living room. Lastly, the corridor takes up a bit more space than the first one, but still consider okay. Unless your location is good, other wise, try not to get the house with this layout.

The third layout above shown (in my opinion), is not a good one (I have seen layout worse than this one). Two out of three bedrooms and living rooms are in odd shape, which make it difficult to put in the furniture. The corridor takes up a lot of space hence making your house smaller. Try not to get the house with this layout even the location is good.

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