Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two of my favourite idols

They are Sun Tzu(left) and Zhu Ge Liang(right). Both are them are strategist in the past. You may google them if you interested in their stories. They are my favorite idols due to the fact that they are able to predict accurately what will happen before a war. With this abilities, they are able to counteract their enemies by surprise.

Sun Tzu said "if you know your enemies and know yourself well, you are able to win a hundred battles." What he meant is if you don't know yourself and don't know the enemies well there is not point in fighting as the result is unpredictable. He also suggested that the best outcome in a war is to win without even fighting. He did not see the point of losing a lot of man or resources just to win a war. Reducing the number of casualties is his utimate aim in every war.

Other than just a strategist, Zhu Ge Liang was also an inventor at his times. He invented an automatic car to transport grain and a special cross bow which enable multiple shoots at one time. These inventions gave him the advantage in the war, which effectively crushing his enemies.

I am trying to learn from them and apply the tactic in order to achieve my lifelong freedom aim. One thing that I have learned from Sun Tzu is to learn my strength and weakness. One thing that i have learned from Zhu Ge Liang is learn and apply new knowledge. Stick to the same method all the time will eventually lead to failure.

Have you started your journey towards financial freedom?